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Ait Benhaddou, Morocco



The spectacular ‘ksar’ of Ait Benhaddou was once fortified and has featured  in several films. This image was taken at around 6.30 am, just before the sun rose high enough in the sky to cast strong shadows and with just one of the local villagers in view – within 20 minutes the first tourists were being ferried over the shallow wadi.


As with all the images of Morocco I made on a 2000 km trip in 2008, this image was taken with a ‘prosumer’ Canon 40D camera and an 18-250 Tamron lens rather than my usual gear – because with workshops planned to Morocco in the late summer of 2009, I wanted to use the level of equipment widely used by keen amateurs.


Technical details: Canon 40D camera; 18-250 Tamron lens at 23mm; 160iso; f16; 1/50th second; handheld.



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