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Travel Photography


I have a simple and broad concept of 'travel'  photography - it is about producing images which individually and collectively create a ‘sense of time and place’.  While this may seem to imply actual travel to unfamiliar places, this broad definition means that a photographer may well take 'travel' images in his or her own village, town or landscape - indeed the best placed person to capture the essence of a place is someone who knows the culture, the geography and the people and who can revisit time and again. So a photographer like James Ravillious beautifully depicted rural life in his (North Devon)  'corner of England' in the 1970s and 1980s.  Therefore, it seems to me that there is no rigid demarcation between travel photography and many other 'categories' such as documentary, landscape or 'street photography' - indeed they are simply sub-categories of each other!


Nevertheless, there is a debate about where to draw demarcation lines (if it matters at all) between travel photography and other ‘categories’ (such as ‘nature’) but I prefer to be undogmatic  about specific inclusions or exclusions. What I would say is that if a photographer visited  Venice and took only images of Churches or visited the Alps and took only flowers it would be perverse  to classify their photography as 'travel', rather than architecture and nature respectively. To me, capturing a sense of time and place requires a pretty eclectic approach - while I have my own favourite subjects, I try to capture a wide range of images that typify a place – landscapes and nature as well as people; buildings and markets; rural life as well as city streets.


The following topics - over 60 - seem to provide a useful (if not exhaustive and inevitably overlapping) list of potential travel subjects (in alphabetical order). Further clarification of definitions are given in the individual sections on the website:


Arts and Crafts

Amusement Parks and Playgrounds


Beaches and 'Seaside' life 

Cafes, Kiosks and Restaurants

Castles, Palaces and Grand Houses

Care Homes, Hospitals, Hospices, Doctors, Nurses, Patients

Cities and Towns – Architecture

Cities and Towns – Cityscapes

Cities and Towns – Houses, Dwellings, Venacular Architecture

Cities and Towns – Street Furniture and Detail (eg telephone boxes, signs)

Cities and Towns – Street Life

Costume and Fashion



Documentary, Reportage and Photo Stories

Domestic Life - eg laundry, parents and children, the generations, friends and lovers.


Education - schools, colleges and university, children,students and teachers, uniforms, educational rituals


Fairs - eg horse or camel fairs, fair rides and stalls

Family, Friends and Fellow Travellers

Festivals, Processions, Parades and Special Events (like Weddings)

Food and Drink





Harbours and Fishing

Hotels and Resorts



Industrial Landscapes and Processes


Landscapes – Vistas and Panoramas

Landscapes – Details in the Landscape (eg lanes, hedgerows, walls, parts of buildings)

Landscapes – Coastlines

Landscapes – Desert and Wilderness

Landscapes – Mountains and Snow, Polar

Landscapes – Jungle and Woodland

Landscapes – People in the Landscape

Landscapes – Animals in the Landscape

Law and Order and Emergency Services


Markets and Shops

Monuments, Memorials (including Cemeteries) and Statues


Nature – Wildlife

Nature – Flora and Fauna

Night Photography


Performances,  Parades and  Processions

People and their Pets

Political Life, Demonstrations, Organisations

Portraits - 'Candids'

Portraits – ‘Engaged’ Portraits

Portraits – ‘Environmental’ Portraits

Portraits -  Families

Portraits -  Formal

Portraits -  Groups

Portraits -  Details (eg jewellery,hands, tribal/ethnic features of dress)


Religious Buildings and Rituals

Ruins, Archaeological Sites and Museums

Rural Life and Farming



Shards (or Found Art)

Social Structure - classes and hierarchies

Sport and Recreation

'Still Life'


The Seasons

The Time of Day



Weather Conditions





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